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Listing Code
Total Number Passengers
Average Price Per Passenger
Gross Sales
This is total number of passengers times the average price per passenger
Cost of Sales
This is the cost needed to pay for the trips. ie paying any ground operators, tourist attractions, insurance premiums for passengers, etc
VR09.20 588 $13,000 $7.2M+ $5.9M
Net Sales
This is average # of passengers X average price per passenger - cost of sales
Total Operating Expenses
This is salaries and benefits, marketing, sales, rent, gas for fleet of cars, lighting, heat, etc.
Travel Agent Commissions
This is the total amount of commissions paid to travel agents for their business
Net Profit
This is the operating profit of the company. Ebitda
Asking Price
$1.3M $501K 0 (N/A) $831K $2.75M  


With over 20+ years in the luxury vacation rental business especially in the tropical destinations this firm has been a leader. Housing over 1,500 Villas with an average rental of $13,000. Sporting an average commission of close to $2,000. They have a strong brand/domain and strong relationships with their local owners and management companies. Built a strong following with a beautiful website and manage their rentals, from sales to concierge services, using their custom back-end system. This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the leading vacation rental players in the marketplace. While many sectors in travel are still suffering from the pandemic, this company is seeing significant increases in vacation rentals from new and repeat clients. In the first 3 months of 2021 vacation rentals were up 143%, bringing in over $3.5M in just three months. UPDATE: October 2021: This year our net revenues are going to be over $1.6M - Asking Price $3.2Million


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