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  1. First check our tier categories to see if you qualify as a potential client.
  2. Next, fill out our CONFIDENTIAL - No Obligation - Application.
  3. M&A will respond, via email, within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt of application. We will ask for a good time to schedule our first talk and offer our FREE CONSULTATION & EVALUATION.
  4. We discuss whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, and find out about your goals, as well as your dreams. We will offer our professional advice. As a Seller we will discuss what your company is worth in today’s market. If you are a Buyer, we will discuss your short & long term goals.
  5. We will discuss any fee(s), if applicable, and terms as well as options.
  6. As a Seller, you may wish to stay on in a management role. If you want to insure your staff is maintained we will also discuss this.
  7. If you are in agreement, we will generate some documents for you.
  8. If you decide to allow us to be of service, we will then work with you to develop your Confidential Listing with us.
  9. The next step is for us to “match” what you are looking for with our Buyers or Sellers.
  10. As soon as we get a match, even if it only encompasses 8 out of your 10 goals, we will immediately be in touch, first by email, then by phone.

Thank you!
P. Jason King Associates, Inc.
a King Group Company